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About Us

Syncfree was created in 2003 with the idea that creative and talented composers should be heard.  During my collaborations on and off the bandstand with so many great musicians and singer/songwriters over the years, I felt the need to harness all of this creativity.  I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve sat in a car, with the speakers pumped,  listening to the latest jam from a buddy and wondering what famous artist can we get to listen to it.  When I finally decided to formally build the library, I knew it had to be a fair and positive experience for musicians and their copyrights.  Therefore, having a killer resume or citing tons of commercial placements has never been the Syncfree model for deciding what goes into the library. It is the music alone that drives our success.

Syncfree has grown from an idea into a true success story. We make it a priority to listen to every single submission that comes in. We take a lot of pride in our composers which allows us to provide our clients with great music that will be at the heart of their story. Syncfree remains a musician-friendly library with its roots deep in the business of being heard.