New Composers

Want to get your tunes in the Syncfree Library?

How does it work?
Send us a website or SoundCloud link to your top tunes.  We will have a listen and let you know which tunes we’d like to add to our library.  Send only the files that you (and your co-writers) own 100% of the copyright to.  Syncfree will only accept the tracks that we believe have the best chance of getting placed.  We will let you know what we are going to use and what you can shop elsewhere.  Do not send us songs that are restricted by another library or song contract.

Is Syncfree exclusive or non–exclusive?
Syncfree represents both exclusive and non-exclusive titles.  At this time however, we are only accepting exclusive titles.  As you may already know the library business is currently switching to a more exclusive format.  

What does Syncfree’s agreement look like?
The exclusive Syncfree agreement splits everything 50/50 no matter how much the revenue amount is or where it comes from.  We will keep your tracks for 3 years and provide you with an opportunity to opt out if we fail to live up to our end of the agreement.  The bulk of your royalties will come from your performing rights organization (PRO) and not in the form of a direct Syncfree payment.  We can’t guarantee that you will make a single penny but we will give your music 100% of our attention and ample opportunities to be placed for years to come. 

Can Syncfree help me become a better songwriter?
We have helped many up and coming artists sharpen their talents by giving them detailed feedback on their music.  Writing for television is an art and it is no accident that the writers getting consistent placements know how to compose for TV.  Check out Licensing Your Original Music For TV where Erik Jacobsen is interviewed about what it takes

Can I write for other libraries and still send music to Syncfree?
Absolutely! As long as you are not sending us music that is protected under another contract, submitted to another library or not owned by you.

Mark Liggett
I have worked with Erik for over 20 years. This guy is a real pro! We have placed hundreds of his compositions on daytime television. He just instinctively seems to know what Music Directors want to hear.
Mark Liggett
Alert Entertainment
Jon Ernst
I know I can always count on getting a ton of great options for my projects sent my way when I reach out to Erik at Syncfree Music!
Jon Ernst
ShowRunner Music, LLC
Syncfree has always been a great resource for us. Erik is always very responsive and I can always count on Erik to get us quality music even in a rush.
Sam Carlin
Music Coordinator, MTV Network
Working with Erik and the Syncfree team is awesome! Great tunes, easily accessible and a big part of our work. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Pete Rosenblum
President, Radio Tag / The Awareness Group Agency

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